The Birmingham Calligraphy Guild offers a variety of educational opportunities throughout the year in the form of classes, workshops and other training events. For more information on how these educational opportunities work, see our workshop guidelines.

WORKSHOPS & events 2018-2019


MARCH 2018:

Florence Script
March 17-18

AUGUST 2018:

BARBARA CLOSE (August 18-19)
Versals, Background Techniques, All wrapped up in an Accordian Book

october 2018:

BARRY MORENTZ (October 13-14)
Japanese Box and Monograms


Are Already in the Works!

We are not taking deposits for these workshops at this time, but here is a sneek preview to these exciting workshops!
NOTE: If you do send in a check for one of the 2019 workshops, it will be voided. There will be an announcement when these are eligible for sign-up.

Bill Kemp

MARCH 2019
Heather Held

Amity Parks

Georgia Angelopoulos




Deposits are being accepted for all workshops through the end of 2018. For each workshop, the deposit is $150, the estimated cost of a 2 day workshop. You may pay the deposit for more than one workshop, but please put the name of each workshop on each check so that the workshop chairs and the treasurer know what workshops you are registering for. DO NOT SEND ANY DEPOSITS FOR WORKSHOPS OTHER THAN 2018!!! THEY WILL BE VOIDED.

IMPORTANT: We have adapted a new policy that will affect your ability to attend a workshop as a member. If you fail to pay your annual dues of $25 prior to September 30 you will be required to pay the non-member cost of any workshop for that year, which is $100 more than the cost for members.

Total cost of workshops will be determined once a plane ticket has been purchased or mileage estimated. Deposits received will determine whether or not a workshop will run.

Please make your check payable to the Birmingham Calligraphy Guild. Please mail your check to:

Birmingham Calligraphy Guild

c/o Workshops
324 Emerald Lane
Chelsea, AL 35043

The receipt of your deposit and a LOTTERY determines your position in the class. Checks will be deposited upon receipt.

All communication regarding workshops will be by email unless we are notifed otherwise.

For additional workshop information



meetings / programs

April 28, 2018
9 - 1 pm
Tools of the Trade - Bring your favorite tools, papers, inks, nibs, markers, erasers.....whatever is your go-to
and let's share that with our pen pals! You never know what little burnisher or eraser is just what someone has been
looking for. 

May 5, 2018
9 - 1 pm
Watercolor florals to compliment our calligraphy with Marie Lewis

June 23 or 30th, 2018
9 - 1 pm 
Calligraphy in a Digital Age Part 1 (Photoshop Elements)
 Learn the basics of scanning, digitizing and design for printing your work

July 28, 2018
9 - 1 pm
German Text with Jim Davis

August 25, 2018

Round robin activities for visitors and members - bring friends! To register, please contact

Annual Dues are DUE this month!
 Remember, if you do not pay your dues prior to September 30
you will be charged the non-member pricing for all workshops you take until next September, so don't linger!

September 8, 2018

9 - 1 pm
Flourished Script with Jan Pruitt

October 6, 2018
9 - 1 pm
Calligraphy in a Digital Age Part 2 (Photoshop Elements) with Melinda Sapp

November 3, 2018
9 - 1 pm
Italic with Dexter Stone

December 6, 2018
6:30 pm - 9 ish
Holidays in the South Dinner with our Pen Pals
Jim 'N Nicks - Hoover Location

2019 Programs

January 12,  2019
9 - 1 pm
Uncial with Barbara Mitchell

February 9,  2019
10 am - 12 pm  Leah Dueffer Hosting
Valentine Card Exchange and Brunch

March 9,  2019
9 - 1 pm
Envelopes 101 with Carol Faust
Anything and everything to do with addressing envelopes: What ink should I use, proper etiquette, making corrections,
choosing your nib and ink for the type of envelope you have, centering vs staggered addressing, making guidelines, etc.



BARBARA CLOSE WORKSHOP - August 18-19, 2018

Barbara Close Versal
This course will focus on designing versals, and as each letter of the alphabet is designed, a different background technique will be studied and utilized. The letters of the alphabet will be presented in a simple yet elegant book structure.

BARRY MORENTZ WORKSHOP - October 13-14, 2018

Barry Morentz Monogram DesignBarry Morentz Japanese Box

The Japanese Box

In this workshop we'll make two, possibly three, simple, elegant, Japanese-style folded boxes. The boxes are geometrics, formed from one long sheet of card stock scored and folded to create equal triangular shapes. The form can easily be expanded from a square to a pentagon, hexagon, octagon, etc.

The first box will be made from heavyweight  translucent  Pergamenata stock, and is meant to be a warm-up to create precise folds and to understand the overall structure and assembly. The second box will be finished with gorgeous Japanese papers. We will create decorative lids using a choice of inlays, onlays, parquetry, wood-burning, colored pencils, stamp pads, corrugated paper,images from post cards, etc. and finish them with beautiful beads or finials. The third box, time permitting, will be a variation by either expanding the number of sides or changing the folds. And then you’ll be itching to make another one. And then for gifts…!  The second day will be a monogram design workshop!