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our history about travis jones membership


The Birmingham Calligraphy Guild (Les Enlumineurs*) is a nonprofit educational organization. It was founded in 1987 under the leadership of the late Mr. Travis W. Jones. He was a past president of IAMPETH (International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers, and Teachers of Handwriting) and a long time teacher of calligraphy in the Birmingham area. His goal was to promote, inspire and encourage the fine art of beautiful writing. The BCG is rich in talent and diversity, and continually seeks to maintain the initial standard of excellence in teaching and penmanship that Mr. Jones inspired.

The guild was originally named "Les Enlumineurs" by charter member Allen Osgood. The English translation, “The Illuminators”, refers to the painting and gilding often used in this art form. Les Enluminers has been honored to have two past presidents of IAMPETH.

The original name of guild, "Les Enlumineurs", was changed to the Birmingham Calligraphy Guild in about 2003 because it was felt that the name did not clearly convey to the public what the guild was about and also because unless you know French it can be a little challenging to say. We adapted the new name at that time but have kept Les Enlumineurs alive so that our origins will be remembered.


Orignal Guild logo
The guild today is thriving with a membership of people from around the Birmingham, Alabama area and surrounding states. We offer free monthly classes for our members and host nationally and internationally recognized instructors occasionally to further our education in all types of calligraphic hands.

We welcome all interested parties - beginnner to professional! If you'd like to join our association, see our membership page for more information.